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Predator Mode
Descriere: Numele spune tot. Dupa ce ati facut 20 de fraguri si aveti buzunarul plin ( 16000 $ ) o sa va apara un meniu sa va transformati in Predator (200hp,0.4 - vizibilitate).

Nume: Predator

Screenshots: click

Versiune: 1.96

Link oficial: http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=175993

1. Fisierul predator.sma il puneti in addons/amxmodx/scripting
2. Fisierul predator.amxx il puneti in addons/amxmodx/plugins
3. Intrati in fisieru addons/amxmodx/configs/plugins.ini si adaugati la urma:


4. Forlderele models, sound si sprites le puneti in hlds/cstrike/ si dati sa inlocuiasca la toate.
5. Fisierul predhelp.txt il puneti in addons/amxmodx/plugins

Cvar-uri (se aduga in amxx.cfg)
admin_enable_predator 1 -Este pornit !
admin_frags_predator 20 - La cate fraguri poate sa devina predator
admin_money_predator 16000 -Cati bani trebuie sa ai
admin_plasma_predator 3 -plasma focurilor
admin_frags_plasma 1 -cat plasma primeste la un frag
admin_frags_knife 2 -cate fraguri primeste predatorul la un frag cu lama
admin_kill_money 300 -Cati bani primeste la un frag
admin_everyone_predator 0 -porneste si opreste predator la oricine
admin_view_predator 0.4 -vizibilitate predatorului
admin_hp_predator 200 -Viata predatorului
NB. Nu e oblicatoriu sa le puneti in amxx.cfg ...

Comenzi administrative
admin_enable_predator 1|0 == pornit sau oprit ( valuare implicite: 1 )
admin_everyone_predator 1|0 == porneste si preste predatorul la orice ( valuare implicita: 0 )
admin_frags_predator == nr de fraguri care trebuie sa le ai pentru a te transforma ( valuare implicita: 20 )
admin_money_predator == bani care trebuie sa-i ai pentru a te transforma ( valuare implicita: 16000 )
admin_plasma_predator == plasma focurilor ( valuare implicita: 3 )
admin_frags_plasma == la cate fraguri primeste plasma ( valuare implicita: 1 )
admin_frags_knife == cate fraguri primeste la un frag facut cu lama ( valuare implicita: 2)
admin_kill_money == cati bani primeste pentru un frag (valuare implicita: 300)
admin_predator == face pe cineva predator
admin_unpredator == il face normal la loc
admin_predatorteam == face o echipa predator sau pe toti ( 1,2,3 sau T, CT, ALL )
admin_unpredatorteam == ii face normali pe toti ( acelasi valori )
admin_addplasma == aduga plasma
admin_predator_custom == schimba modelul de jucator al predatorului
admin_view_predator ==
admin_hp_predator == viata predatorului (valuare implicita: 200)

Comenzi publice
ppfire -tragi o minge de plasma ( sau bind "mouse3" "ppfire" )
pcview -schimbi modulul de vedere a predatorului
dbinds -alegi comenzile implicite ( default )
say /predatorhelp -informati comenzi ...

Module necesare

If you find bugs try to download the plugin again from here... if the bug still exist PLEASE tell me so i can fix it  thanks .

version 1.8 upgraded the views + bugs fixed.
added functions of makeing team or every1 predators (and removing)
bugs fixed with predator unpredator sounds and more...
just download the new SMA no new pack needed.

version 1.9 added help system.. and added
"everyone predator" command + few bugs fixed
+ added file so i upload a new server pack soon link above.

version 1.95 added hp cvar for predator
i dont know where tha hell is version 1.94
long time didnt update so i dont remember ^^ oh well im sure this 1
is the best  renew ur predator mode to version 1.95!

version 1.96
fixed compile problems, it now complies perfectly (without removing random lines ;P)
channel overflaw should be fixed
sorry for long time.

lite version!!!
removed useless commands
removed 3 of 4 predator type
just as lite as it should be

new claws.mdl file (no longer wolverin but real predator claws clown
thanks to fikstress
a rar file with the model is avaliable at the attach section.. just replace it with ur old claws.mdl file.

Lite version 1.1
plasma bug fixed. please always keep ur plugin file (amxx) updated
from here. cuz they might be newer than the ones in the packages.

Descarca ultima versiune (version 1.96/2017):
rapidshare.com PredatorMode196.rar.html
http://www.amxmodx.org/plcompiler_vb.cgi?file_id=20005 - AMX
https://forums.alliedmods.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=20005&d=1189279030 - SMA

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stiu modul si este foarte fun

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un mod foarte placut

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Foarte tare modul acesta

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